Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

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Joy Village

Complete Care … Complete Joy…


In every child, there is a diamond of Human Values


  Love All, Serve All.
Help Ever, Hurt Never.


A society where everyone lives for each other and no one lives for themselves.

Miracle of Love - Divine Visit

Enugu, Nigeria – November 04 to 07, 2017

...The Spring of Joy is in our Heart


Our Vision:

A World in which humanity is awakened to the Joy of the true Self.

Joy Village represents an ideal of human community centered on awakening the inherent capacity within each one of us to love and be loved and to come to know our true Self through kind service.

The first Joy Village is situated in Ebe county in Enugu State, southern Nigeria, an extremely poor, drought-stricken region.  Over the last seven years SSAI Triple Care Mandate has begun to dramatically transform the communities of the surrounding area which for generations have been plagued by poverty, ill-health and low aspirations.

Our Mission

To promote joyful Self awakening through humanitarian Services in the form of Sociocare, Educare, and Medicare

In 2010, Father Charles Ogada founded the Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI), a non-profit humanitarian organization in Nigeria, with one primary goal: to adopt poor rural villages and co-develop them into values-based caring communities, or Joy Villages using SSAI’s Triple Care Mandate.

The Triple Care approach involves addressing the social, educational and health needs of the community through Sociocare, Educare and Medicare.

Educare focuses on guiding children to the realization of their innate goodness through Human Values-Based Education. The essence of Human Values-Based Education is character transformation. Children are taught in the five domains of human excellence: Spiritual, Intellectual, Creative, Social and Environmental. We have a special preference for disadvantaged, poor village children who have no access to quality schools.

Medicare brings heart into healing and is dedicated to healing the entire person, body, mind and spirit, free of cost.  SSAI aims to establish free health care services for villages in the area where no medical assistance is readily available.

Sociocare is our journey from ‘I’ to “we’ to ‘One’.  It is the experience of our interconnectedness and finds expression through partnering with poor rural villages that are co-developed with SSAI. By addressing the practical needs of the village with input and involvement of the villagers, villagers have the opportunity to care for each other and create caring communities (Joy Villages).

I have told you this so that my Joy may be in you and that your Joy may be complete

John 15:11