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Who We Are..

Joy Village represents an ideal of human community centered on awakening the inherent capacity within each one of us to love and be loved and to come to know our true Self through kind service.
The first Joy Village is situated in Ebe county in Enugu State, southern Nigeria, an extremely poor, drought-stricken region. Over the last seven years SSAI Triple Care Mandate has begun to dramatically transform the communities of the surrounding area which for generations have been plagued by poverty, ill-health and low aspirations.


We're creating bright futures for thousands of low-income young children and families with our approach to quality early education.


We are delivering free first-class health services to assist the less privileged in rural settlements and poor familes.          


We are establishing change by solving social and personal problems. This practice concerns individuals and small groups at risk.


The main beneficiaries of our projects are children and adolescents, women and underprivileged population groups in Enugu, Nigeria.

Liquid Love

A free water project that makes clean water available to all in the Ebe community.

Gift Of Limbs

Free fabrication and fixing of artificial legs, arms, hands and polio calipas to 179 amputees.

Aruike Specialty Hospital (ASH)

Free health care of any cost to all patients without any discrimination.

Biarienu Food Program
(Come and Eat)

Feeds more than 100 children every school day.

Helping Hands Children's Initiative

An initiative where the young learn to serve their local community.
Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI)

We are Worldwide Non-Profit & NGO Ogranization

The Triple Care approach involves addressing the social, educational and health needs of the community through Sociocare, Educare and Medicare.

Our Vision

A World in which humanity is awakened to the Joy of the true Self.

Our Mission

To promote joyful Self awakening through humanitarian Services in the form of Sociocare, Educare, and Medicare
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Prison Visitation

The Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative, Ebe, Enugu, Nigeria visited the Nigerian Prisons, Enugu where food and sanitary materials were donated to the inmates under the watch of prison wardens.

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