Biarienu Food Program

The Biarienu Food Program

The Biarienu Food Program (Come and Eat), started in 2014 to provide a nutritious breakfast/lunch to poor school-going children who cannot afford a day’s meal. It feeds more than 100 children every school day.

It is very difficult to teach a hungry child. It is like trying to fetch water with a basket. This is our experience in TELA schools. Many of our children come to school without food as their parents or carers could not afford to buy any.

Our Vison

To see every child learn and grow to their full potential by eating a nutritious lunch at school every day.

Our Mission

  • * To provide nutritious breakfast to school children in remote villages.
  • * To advocate awareness of the interconnection between Child nutrition and Education and the need for every child in our world to learn with a healthy body.
" One day, I helped to share food with our children who came to school that day without a lunch pack.
During the exercise, I noticed a child was sobbing uncontrollably, covering his face with his hands. Although he had been given his own share, he was not eating the food.
I then took him to the privacy of my office and tried to calm him down. After he was calm, I asked him what was the problem and if he doesn’t like the food.
He said to me, “When you were sharing the food I remembered my mother.”
I asked him what happened to his mother?
he said, “She died when I was a baby”.
I inquired about his father and he said, “I do not know who my father was”.
At that moment, I felt like pouring into this boy’s heart the love of a thousand mothers."
Father Ogada