Heart of Love Children’s Home

Heart of Love Children’s Home

established in Joy Village to care for neglected, abused, orphaned and destitute young children urgently needing a safe, loving home. The vision of HOLCH is the reawakening of the knowledge of the true Self in the Hearts of the children through complete care: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Our children are raised in a loving family environment and are guided to live by and practice the five Universal Human Values of Truth, Love, Right Conduct, Peace and Non-violence under the guidance of their caregivers. In this way, they develop the mental and emotional tools they need to refine their character, make the most of their studies and explore their potential.

Our hope is that these children will become healthy, confident adults who can shine the light of their wisdom in whatever positions they take on in later life, whether it is as community leaders, family members, researchers, or service providers.

There are 22 children currently being cared for and this will soon rise to 120 after the completion of a new section with dormitories, a kitchen, six carers’ rooms, and a chapel.

When we reach out our hand to help another, our heart opens further and our sense of individual self expands to include others.

Dr Ron Farmer.