Liquid Love

Liquid Love

"I was thirsty and you gave me a drink." - Jesus Christ.
In a village where women were walking 14 miles each way to fetch water, the Liquid Love Water Project has brought tremendous change and joy to the Ebe Community. Prior to the initiation of the project, families were struggling to carry enough drinking water, let alone water for cooking and bathing.

Presently, clean water from a 480-foot borehole is piped free along 25 km of pipelines to some 10,000 people in the area. Without this life-giving water, Joy Village would not have been possible.

Liquid Love is a labour of Pure Love in liquid form. It is the collective and selfless service of so many individuals, local community initiative and humanitarian organisations such as the UK DFID and the Australia MLDG.

How the project started...

One evening, as Fr Charles was walking through the village, he met a boy sucking an unripe orange. He stopped and asked the boy,

Father: “Why are you eating an unripe orange? It must be very sour in your mouth.”
Boy: “I am very thirsty and there is no water anywhere.”

Fr Charles was speechless and he could hardly hold his tears. Later he realised that oranges, grapes, and any juicy fruit were alternatives to water for the people.

In the olden days, the people used to collect the small amount of water formed inside the foils of plantain leaves. At that time, when a child was born, he or she was given ‘mud water’ to drink as an initiation into the ‘water test’. Survival of this test was a sign that the child was ready to face the water ordeal! There and then, Father Charles resolved to do something to end this suffering. This was the experience that gave birth to Liquid Love Project.

Imagine returning home from farm the farm
Tired by the toil,
Drained with thirst; unable to think!
But there is no water to drink

Imagine returning from the market
With food and joy to share,
Your children waiting in hope, starved with hunger
But there is no water to prepare the meal!

Imagine a child looking for water
But all she could find was an unripe orange
To slack her thirst, to cool the fire
Because she could not find water anywhere

Now imagine someone coming from nowhere
He drills a bore well in the village
So no longer do they travel afar…
Looking for water to cook their food
And streams to sustain their Life

This truly,Is our Tale of Liquid Love!