Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

Unity Retreats

Celebrating the Oneness in Love

True understanding of spirituality can only come if we step outside the boundaries of our preferred religion and look for the one golden thread of Truth that runs through all faiths.

Father Charles Ogada.

Allowing love to be his guiding light, FatherCharles brings his profound spiritual insight and love to his Unity retreats. As a retreatant you will have the opportunity to spend time in silence,contemplation and meditation, listen to talks, and ask questions of FatherCharles. There will also be opportunities to practice yoga, and do experiential exercises to connect with your true Self.

Through each practice, you will be guided into awareness of our timeless, ever-peaceful, ever-present, ever-loving, Self.  You will have the chance to directly experience:

Oneness with Your-Self

Oneness with Humanity

Oneness with Mother Earth

Oneness with All

Through this direct experience we can develop faith in the Self and an inner affirmation that: “The ‘I’ in me can do anything!