Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

Unity of Faiths

Open-mindedness and respect for all religions is an important characteristic of all Joy Villages. We hope to demonstrate by our example that it is not only possible, but also enriching, for people to find a universal language that embraces all religions, without elevating one over the other. The future society that we envisage will be based on such a high level of religious tolerance and understanding.

In such a peaceful and accepting community, the followers of the respective Faiths would find themselves becoming more ardent and devoted in their religious practices, primarily because our heart opens more fully when our mind is able to recognise the essential unity underlying all diversity. The open heart is inclusive rather than exclusive, unifying rather than separating, respecting and accepting rather than judging and rejecting.

Open to the Truth of all religions, Father Ogada travels around the world to spread this message of oneness in his Multi Faith worship services. He believes that true understanding of spirituality can only come if we step outside the boundaries of our preferred religion and look for the one golden thread of Truth that runs through all faiths. He beautifully and exquisitely draws this ‘Golden thread’ connecting all the religions by focusing on the fundamental core of all religions which is identical. Their differences are superficial. The unifying ‘core’ of all religions can be found in the mystical traditions of the different religions: Advaita Vendata of Hinduism,  Christian Mysticism, Sufism in Islam, Zen Buddhism, and the Jewish Cabbala.


Listen to the primaeval Pranava AUM resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the universe.


Cut the ‘I’ feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you the resurrection of the immortal Self.


Be like the Star, which never wavers from the Crescent but is fixed in steady faith.


Remember the Wheel of Cause and Consequence, of Deed and Destiny, and the Wheel of Dharma that rights them all.


The up-pointing triangle represents man’s aspirations to reach the highest truth, and the down-pointing triangle symbolizes God’s grace descending to man.


Offer all bitterness in the sacred Fire and emerge grand, greatly and godly.