Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative


One Heart … One Soul

Our Objectives

The name of our organisation is Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative (SSAI).  It is a non-profit organisation (NGO) registered with the Ministry of Gender Affairs and Social Development, Government of Enugu State (ENS/MGASD/SWD/315), the Ministry of Budget and National Planning Commission, Abuja (NPC/NGO-IC/S.424/1), and with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja (CAC/IT/NO 43828) under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, No. 1, 1990.

The basic objectives of our organisation are:

Socio-care is our journey from ‘I’ to “we’ to ‘One’.  It is the experience of our interconnectedness and finds expression through partnering with poor rural villages that are co-developed with SSAI. By addressing the practical needs of the village with input and involvement of the villagers, villagers have the opportunity to care for each other and create caring communities (Joy Villages).

Educare focuses on guiding children to the realization of their innate goodness through Human Values-Based Education. The essence of Human Values-Based Education is character transformation. Children are taught in the five domains of human excellence: Spiritual, Intellectual, Creative, Social and Environmental. We have a special preference for disadvantaged, poor village children who have no access to quality schools

Medicare brings heart into healing and is dedicated to healing the entire person, body, mind and spirit, free of cost.  SSAI aims to establish free health care services for villages in the area where no medical assistance is readily available.

All Are One. We should Love All and Serve All.

Our Inspiration

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our inspiration. His is our goal, our guide and our guard. His life was his message and his message is that of Love and Service. During his lifetime, he went about doing good and inspiring all to do good. He advocated the message of universality – all are one – and bore the wounds of our broken humanity.  He saw himself in everyone and told us that, whatever we do to anybody, we have done it to him. Hence, service to God is service to humanity and when I serve another, I am truly serving myself.

In Matthew 25:35 -36, Jesus gave us the divine blueprint of our SSAI Triple Care mandate:

"I was hungry, and you fed me."

"I was thirsty and you gave me a drink."

“I was sick and you cared for me.”

“I was thirsty (for the water of life) and you gave me the spiritual fountain of Self Awareness.”

“I was homeless, and you welcomed me.”

“I was in prison and you visited me.”

“I was naked and you clothed me.”

Sathya Sai Baba of India is our inspiration. He is one of the foremost educationists and humanitarians in recent times. Through him, we experienced practical Christianity in its purest and universal form. His free educational institutions to thousands of children round the world, his free medical health care services to millions of the downtrodden, his free water projects which supply portable drinking water to thousands of drought-stricken villages, and his philosophy of oneness of all religions had a great impact on us, and were the most impactful catalysts that gave us the courage to follow the promptings of our own hearts and to dare to be like Jesus in unconditional Love and Service. Sai Baba’s maxim of Love all, Serve all; Help Ever, Hurt Never impressed us as a powerful synthesis of the oneness and unity of all religions, all humanity and all creation.
Claude-Francois Poulart des Places is our inspiration. He founded the Holy Ghost Congregation known as the Spiritans in 1703 in France. Claude abandoned his Law profession and decided to serve the poor. His life changed direction when he began assisting the homeless and poor chimney sweepers of Paris.  He sacrificed everything he had and decided to use the resources of his family to help students who were too poor to continue education. He dedicated his life to the homeless and the poor. Option for the poor is the hallmark of the Spiritan Life and Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI) has taken this fundamental option.

Historical Timeline

25th July 2011 - Inauguration of Liquid Love Rural Community Water Project (LQL)
LQL commenced supplying water to 7 drought-stricken rural villages in Ebe Community, and today more than 10 000 people benefit from the project.  The Project was partly funded by UK Grant (DFID) and donations from Australian supporters.  Project components were drilling, pipelines, tank, generator, plant housing, security.
1st Oct 2012 - Opening Ceremony of the Heart of Love Children’s Home, (HOLCH)
HOLCH was built to provide a caring home for   orphaned, homeless and disadvantaged children. Presently, the home takes care of 22 children. The Project is funded by overseas donors.  The home includes dorms for the children, kitchen, dining/living rooms and Carers’ room.
12th Oct 2012 - Beginning of The Embodiments of Love Academy (TELA)
TELA was built to provide a free high-quality values-based education to HOLCH children and a further 490 poor children from more than 28 surrounding villages; The Project is partly funded by ONLY ONE EXISTS charity, Canada.
15th Oct 2012 - Beginning of SSAI EHV Teacher Training
SSAI EHV Teacher Training was established to train Teachers across the globe on how to integrate the Universal Human Values in every aspect of the learning process.
23rd Nov 2014 - Beginning of Biarienu Food Project (BBP)
BBP was started to provide nutritious food to poor school going children who cannot afford a day’s meal. The Food Project is partly funded by Only Now Exists Charity, Canada and donations from Canada and Nigeria.
23rd Nov 2014 - Beginning of Helping Hands Youth Initiative (HHYI)
HHYI was established to inculcate in growing children the spirit of community service.  The Project is partly funded by donations from Nigeria.
25th July 2016 - Inauguration of Aruike Specialty Hospital (ASH)

ASH was built to address the health needs of poor villagers. ASH is a 34-bed Hospital with operating rooms and maternity beds.

The Project is partly funded by donors from Singapore and the Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust, India.

25th July 2017 - Opening of the Boys Quarters of the Heart of Love Children’s Home
Bob and Carole’s Boy’s Quarters (BCBQ) was built to take care of the needs of homeless boys. The Project is partly funded by BISSE, UK (British Institute of Sacred and Secular Education, UK).  The home includes seven dorms for the children, kitchen, office / Carers’ rooms, an auditorium, and a chapel. BCBQ can provide a home for more than 150 children.
25th July 2017 - Opening of Ros-Mini Doctor’s Lodge of Aruike Specialty Hospital.
Ros-Mini was built to take care of the housing needs of resident and expatriate doctors. This will help to start off the In-Patient section of Aruike Specialty Hospital by 1st October 2017. Ros -Mini Lodge consists of a four Apartments in a two-storey building. Each Apartment has three self-contained rooms with living, dining and kitchen rooms. The Project is being partly sponsored by donors from Singapore.