Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips.

Mother Teresa

Helping Hands Youth Initiative (HHYI) is a community service initiative through which SSAI involves the young to learn how to serve their local community by identifying community needs and working together to address them. Over the last year this initiative helped over 800 disabled/disadvantaged people to improve their quality of life in various ways. Activities include: 

  • Prison visitation and feeding program
  • Hospital visitation and Care for the sick and elderly
  • Food distribution to the Poor
  • Care for the Environmental/ Sanitation
  • Plant a New Tree Program (PNTP)

Through HHYI, the students at The Embodiments of Love Academy (TELA) learn to serve their community by identifying community needs and joining together to provide hands-on solutions.

“I felt so sad when I saw poor children and poor people without cloths. It made me want to cry. Some are sick and I felt like helping them.”

Njeze Chidera

TELA Student, Age 10 yrs

“The first day I went for Helping Hands was the happiest day I ever had. We went to one old woman’s house in Abor. After giving some food items like rice, tomatoes, maggi cubes, salt and so on, the woman started to dance and sing.”

Oluoma Ikpeama

TELA Student, Age 9 yrs

“I felt so happy when we visited a village called Umuavulu. The person we visited was a very old woman. She was very happy when we gave her food items. I like Helping Hands because it teaches me how to practice the human values through sharing.”

Christopher Chioma

TELA Student, Age 11 yrs