Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

BISSE is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom, and operates as ‘Sacred and Secular Education in Human Values’ (www.bisse.org.uk).

BISSE seeks to advance the values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-Violence by the education of children and young people in accordance with the principles of the world’s great spiritual traditions as most recently expounded by Sathya Sai Baba, a celebrated educationalist and social reformer (1926-2011).

It does so by:

  • providing free training to adults around the world to enable them to teach human values to children
  • publishing human values lesson plans, both as books and as free downloads from www.bisse.org.uk

So BISSE aims to inspire both adults and children to live moral and ethical lives and become constructive members of society, actively involved in the promotion of these values.

BISSE has been responsible for the training of some of our teachers in human values education, from The Embodiment of Love Academy (Joy Village) in the United Kingdom with all expenses taken care of by BISSE.

BISSE believes that Education should prepare students to be fit for life, not just to earn a living and also not to impose rules of conduct on children and the young, but rather, to provide a secure base, through teaching of the Human Values, from which they may arrive at their own informed decisions and lastly that the first rule for parents and teachers is to be good role models.

All BISSE activities revolve around human values. It does not place prominence on any particular religion, and aims to interact, work and cooperate with people of all cultures and all faiths, or no faith at all. Any reference to spiritual development within the work of BISSE is that concerning the “human spirit” i.e. human values, which are non-denominational and non-religious. In our Joy Village Nigeria, BISSE has contributed immensely to the growth of our organization which includes the training of our staff in human values education, the building of the ‘Bob and Carole’ Boys hostel for homeless boys and many more.

BISSE Training of the Embodiment of Love Academy Teachers in Education in Human Values

BISSE training of Pioneer teachers of the Embodiment of Love Academy in the United Kingdom in Education in Human Values has yielded a lot of positive results as The “Train the trainer” initiative has given thousands of children the opportunity to have Education in Human Values, which is still very alien in Nigerian Schools, free of all cost. BISSE training materials are also being utilized during trainings of our staff, Parents of TELA students and during workshops organized for community development.

BISSE workshop for TELA teachers 2012(United Kingdom).
Drama during workshop (United Kingdom).
BISSE Education in Human Values participants (United Kingdom 2012).

Construction of Bob and Carol Boys Hostel

In 2014 due to the need to have a home for less privileged (homeless) boys attending our Human Values School. BISSE built the hostel for boys. The boys from the time they first arrived have shown a great deal of transformation and this is noticeable even to the boys themselves.

TELA School Buses Maintenance

BISSE, before commencement of the 2019/2020 academic session of the Embodiment of Love Academy came to our rescue by helping out in replacement of four school bus engines. The students of our school rely solely on the school buses to bring them to and from school due to the long distances from their homes and with the ever increasing population of our students, the school buses have to always been in good condition to ensure smooth running of our school. TELA student population currently is a thousand three hundred and twenty (1,320)

Australian Academy for Human Excellence

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence  http://heacademy.org.au/about/ are a world-wide group of citizens , teachers, scientists, businessmen, lawyers, parents, psychologists and concerned others who believe that unless our present civilization regains its moral compass, we are on a fast track to an ecological and humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. Australian Academy for Human Excellence has been partnering with Spiritan Self Awareness ranging from workshops for our staff, building of our TELA School to monthly support of our staff salaries and many more.

AAHE Training of the Embodiment of Love Academy Teachers in Education in Human Values

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence have conducted workshops for our teachers in Enugu Nigeria and Australia. The Education in Human Values is an integral aspect of our TELA school curriculum. The training materials of AAHE are being utilized to the maximum to ensure our students and teachers carry on these teachings even outside the school environment.

Suwanti Farmer during workshop with TELA teachers
Dr. Ronald and Suwanti Farmer during workshop with TELA teachers

Dr. Ronald and Suwanti Farmer are a gift from God to our Organization. A lot of things done would have been more tasking to accomplish without the support of AAHE.

Training of The Enugu state Ministry of Education Principals and Teachers

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence in partnership with Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative since the year 2013 has trained over a thousand teachers comprising of School heads (principals), head teachers and teachers of Enugu State in Nigeria. This like every activity of our organization is done free of all cost.

Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI) in Partnership with AAHE and BISSE is in the process of submitting a white paper proposal which is going to be submitted to the Federal government of Nigeria on the need to include Education in Human Values Education in the Nigerian School Curriculum. This is the revolution we believe will change Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Excerpts from 2019 workshop for Principals and Head teachers

Inauguration of the Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education

In September 2019, Dr. Ronald and Suwanti Farmer who are foremost Human Values Educationist inaugurated The Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education in Enugu Nigeria. The institute is open to Individuals, teachers, Schools and Corporate organizations who want to acquire the Education in Human Values Education certification.

From left-right (Rev. Fr. Charles Ogada, Dr. Ronald and Suwanti Farmer) during the Inauguration of the Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education.

Purchase of Two School Buses for the Embodiment of Love Academy

In May 2019, Australian Institute for Human Excellence purchased two American School buses for our TELA School adding to our fleet to reduce stress our school children go through due to overloading of our school buses.